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Old Navy Slang - Unruly Behavior
Pirate Crews enjoyed a few days of Jamaica Discipline after a good haul...
by MJ March 21, 2005
an ounce of yayo n tha south
hes dealin by the ishu
by MJ April 07, 2005
1)Someone who is a huge poser and tries to act like something their not.

2)Someone whose bad at telling jokes.
1)When white people wear big chains and puffy jackets thier bad comedians becuz white people cant be black.

2)Tom Anderson was trying to take up the occupation of a comedian for a living but his jokes were so bad that a crowd of frustrated spectators at a comedy fest beat him to death. I'm glad he died.. he was such a bad comedian
by mj July 07, 2004
A Yavuz is what you can calla homophobe who Yavuzes on people. Yavuzes are also greedy and put $10 at a time on the DDR machine and thinks that they know how to play.
Will you please stop doing that Yavuz?!

Get your hands out of there Yavuz!

Yavuz caught a new pokemon. YEPPIE!
by MJ June 04, 2004
mad, angry, pissed, ticked off
My moms tooks away my stash, you know that made me salty, yo.
by MJ February 26, 2005
an insulting name for someone when they do something foolish.
"FOOOOOOOB!" is often heard from fans throughout game stadiums when a player makes a bad pass, misses a good pitch, or gets a penalty.
by MJ November 22, 2004
1. Pretty Hot And TEMPERED
My sister becomes very phat during the time of the month.
by MJ February 06, 2005

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