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describes a garment in which the amount of fabric in the garment is inversely proportional to the price of the garment.
How classy! She's wearing the emperor's new clothes. That has certainly cost her a fortune.
by MIT-GUY August 27, 2013
Face Book Intermission - a brief respite from the philosophical, intellectual, cultural, family-oriented, self-centered, political, food-tripping, ego-tripping, arrogant, creative, opinionated, plagiaristic, bla, bla, bla posts, comments, and shares in Face Book. Often, but not always, the F.B.I. is about a term derived or influenced by U.D. (Urban Dictionary). Sometimes the term is posted first in F.B.I. before it appears in U.D.
I'm tired of all these pictures and comments from my ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends... I'm now ready for F.B.I.
by MIT-GUY August 11, 2012
freedom of speech
The man is FOS (original meaning) ... he does not deserve the FOS.
by MIT-GUY August 11, 2012
More Shit. Also see B.S. (Bull Shit)
MHOTY! You already got a B.S. and now you are aiming for M.S.
by MIT-GUY August 11, 2012

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