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A Badass Car With Amazing Paint Graphics And Hydraulics Invented By The Mexicans! But Now Everyone Still Calls Mexicans Beaners But Yet They Like Our Women, Our Food All of Our Shit. Now We Got Blacks Trying To LowRide We Got Whites Trying To LowRide. Now Theres A Stupid Thing WhitePeople Started Called ''Nazi Lowriders'' Which is Dumb How The Fuck YOu GOnna be a nazi And Like A Mexican Invention(LowRiders) and dress like a mexican. BUT IN THE END NO ONE CAN LOWRIDE LIKE US MEXICANS.
Ese Loco : Wussup Ese, See Those Pinche Gringos And Mayates Trying To Copy Us REAL LOWRIDERS?

Psycho : Yeah HomeBoy, They Dont Got Nothing On Us Vatos, We Run The Street Gangs And The Prison Gangs, And Got The Most Beautiful Women! Siimon..Vato.... Our Mexican Rap is Too Gangster For The Radio...
by Mexican June 18, 2006
Bunch of white boys who want to have their own gang.....
ooh look at me i wear paint
i pretned im a clown
homie, juggalo for life
down with the clown

stop stealing stuff off us mexicans u stupid white trash
by MExIcan April 12, 2005
The act of getting yo woman to get on all fours, then getting behind her and grabbing the back of her hair, then stick it in hard and tell her this is how you did her sister. Then hold on for 8 seconds.
cowboy fucking should be a family sport.

by Mexican August 24, 2003
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