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2 definitions by MELISSAAAAA

a talented boy band with good songs. so all of you who call them talentless fags with vaginas should all go suck your cocks because you know they're good and you are just following the other haters who don't like them. or you're just jealous. IN YOUR FACE!
I was looking through my old albums and found The Backstreet Boys.
by MELISSAAAAA July 28, 2006
really awsome bubblegum. comes in a package that looks like cigarettes and even wrapped in paper to make it look like a cigarette. if you blow on them, sugar "smoke" comes out and it looks like you're smoking. probably the best fucking thing ever next to big league chew.
bubblegum cigarettes are about as addicting as regular cigarettes
by MELISSAAAAA July 28, 2006