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1) The most extreme expression of amazement. A step up from Holy frijole.

2) Sainted beans accompanied by a side of an avocado paste mixed with onion and spices.
Melissa: I just won a billion dollars, and look, there's a flying monkey!
David: Holy frijole, bowl of guacamole!

Waiter: What can I get you?
David: Holy frijole, bowl of guacamole.
Waiter: Right away sir.
by MED August 19, 2004
1) An exclamation of amazement. See also holy cow and holy moly.

2) Beans that are so good they have achieved sainthood.
Melissa: I just won a billion dollars!
David: Holy frijole! That's a lot of money!

David: These beans are really good.
Elizabeth: These beans aren't just good, they're holy frijoles!
by MED August 19, 2004
Dick, cock, refering to your penis when it is erect and ready to be serviced.
She grabbed my pork hammer and went to town on it.
by MED November 05, 2003
1)The paragon of online gaming aptitude.
2)Superlative to Methos.
3)The marriage of indomitable strategy and tactics with brutal speed.
Medierra pwnz0red Methos at WarcraftIII.
by Med April 17, 2004

Accidental act of giving a girl you really like a facial.
She killed my dog because of my bustah jizzumo. I miss her.
by med October 19, 2004

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