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a brand of clothing or 'baby' in french
a bebe top
by me June 04, 2004
A seemingly sacred word. Only discussed amongst those who have experienced it. Any mention of it around a non-Kairos person will provoke hysteria from some.
"Hey how cool is that how on Kairos you..."
"Alright, alright, calm your religious ass down."
by me January 29, 2005
a female black not offencive
That negress has a very nice car!
by me April 22, 2005
Modern day India
Yo them bitches be from Sunnyvale.
by ME August 05, 2003
Pervert, groper. Usually used in reference to furtive groping and sexual assaults that have become a frequent danger and annoyance on Japanese subways.
"kane wa chikan desu!"
by Me June 13, 2003
A phrase found on the front of many shirts - usually white on a green back. Originates from the collegetown of Ithaca, NY (Home of Cornell University and Ithaca College). The shirt is a play on words - emphasizing the natrual beauty of Ithaca, as well as commenting on the gorges abundant in the area. Has become a indie culture icon lately. Lately, variations of the shirt have appeared - such as the following
Original - "Ithaca is gorges"
Variations -
"Ithaca is Gangsta"
"Ithaca is Suicide"
"Cambridge is Gorges"
by me July 08, 2004
A shop where little teeny-boppers shop with overpriced, too slutty even for Christina Aguilera clothes. Also considered the Hot Topic of Australia due to its abundance of "punk/rock chick looking clothing" (hahahaha) and it always being occupied by Good Charlotte fans.
Example 1.
Little Wannabe: " OMG theres Supre, WE HAVE TO GO IN THERE. Won't this top make me look so sexy?"
Other Little Wannabe: " Oh yeh totally."
Example 2.
GC Fan: Man, i'm so punk, oh look here's a 30 dollar t shirt with a "clever" saying on it, LETS LIKE TOTALLY BUY IT."
by Me May 11, 2004
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