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The foundation and groove of any good band. Carrier of the Bottom.
That bass player rocked.
by me August 27, 2004
A talanted singer, whom people hate for some stupid reasons. Those haters are llamas and should not fucking talk because they have no fucking clue about anything.
Ashlee Simpson's concert rocked.
by me March 26, 2005
a boy band that i used to love before i got smart and started listening to green day
i cant believe how much they sucked- they seemed so much better when i was in second grade
by me February 28, 2005
A county in England that is full of patriotic wankers who think Cornwall should be its own country. Renowned for beating up tourists and stupid accents.
Oh no, I stepped in Cornwall, that will take weeks to clean off!
by Me February 10, 2005
A type of art that appeals to the bored, perverts of late night television. It is viewed by only the most clever, artistic perverts, with very vivid imaginations. It is viewed by the few that are too cheap to buy it on pay-per-view or those whom are too embarassed to rent it from the movie store. While admiring this furry art, one might pick out a round object that MIGHT be a boob or two objects that MIGHT be having sex. However, this is not for the weak of heart, because one never knows what to expect while viewing it. Sometimes, when the artist has gotten lucky, it is hardcore blurry porno on channel 92, and when the artist has messed up, it is a hardcore, blurry mexican church service. However, on the good days when the artist has found a good art piece, it can be one of the best 30 seconds of that artist's life. Jill is usually involved.
Watch the sock scene from American Pie.
by ME July 04, 2005
A state of the art defense system where any one that is doing something deemed inappropriate by the system is immediately confronted by a large, harry, big-foot like beast with a large belt hanging over his shoulder, and instantly snapped in half like a pretzel.
Luke! You wern't supposed to touch that painting.... its gunna unleash the the... AAAAAHHHHHH <Snap> <Chewbacca celebrates>
by ME April 19, 2005
When two people, usually opposite sex, get close to eachother and giggle and laugh... ect.
those people on the bus snuggled right in front of us!
by me March 31, 2003

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