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Homework, teachers, school and sisters
It's pointless to do your homework
by Me June 09, 2004
the 1 the only mac daddy to end all mac daddys he deals drugs on a daily basis and who eva wants 2 stop him meet him at rivermount college on any skool day unless its da hols cuz no1 will buy from skol then bye
1.5 grams = $25
3 grams = $50
7 grams (quater bag) = $90
14 grams (half oz) = $180
28 grams (oz) =$360
by me April 11, 2005
the abbreviation for the COOL GIRLS CLUB
yeah the SWEET people are all part of the CGC.
by me June 17, 2006
A awesome screamo band like Kerl said but they dont have 2 singers only one. And he is only 15 years old and he is from California, the rest of the band is from Florida. And they only have 2 screamers Sonny(lead vocals) and the guitarest. And there debut album was Aesthetic not dear diary.
Kerl is not smart and doesnt know shit about FFTL. So he should shut the fuck up. Thats what i would do if i didnt know what i was talkin about i would shut the fuck up.
by Me November 24, 2004
The fuckin gayest store ive ever seen omg people that shop their need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by me October 01, 2003
A singer with a great voice.

And for all of you only like two of her songs are about sex in that 20 song album. As for her image yes it is a little.. i mean very slutty but i'm not sure how that is justification to hate her.

Listen to what you are saying and maybe you'll see it makes no sense
Why people are afraid of a little skin i'll never know. You have skin too and half the population has the same parts as her. Get over it.
by Me March 14, 2005
I actually think this is the way that I have spelt this word since I learnt to write and I have not, until now, been corrected.

So what does this tell us about the British Education System? Well, that it is run by a load of geniouses (shouldnt that be genii?! ahhh who cares!).

Anyway, seeing as this word isn't defined in the Oxford Dictionary I have turned to Urban instead.

Genious is the term used to describe Katie and Ellie and all their wonderful words such as ponchomania, wicca wicca blazin squad, elemayoand sore throat.
Those two are utter geniousness personified!
by me December 24, 2004

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