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4 definitions by MC Timmy G

Fuel for Nimrods, often Ketamine Based. Illegal in this country but is rife in Spain. Nimrod`s often have to travel a long way to get this fuel.
Nimrod needs some Cheggers.

I`m wasted on Cheggers.

I`m Cheggered to the Max.
by MC Timmy G June 22, 2006
Old looking Leather sandles, often with left over sand in them from previous vacations.
Shelts, those Jesus creepers are Gay. Get some like Robbo`s, he`s fly.
by MC Timmy G July 07, 2006
MDMA Crystal. The substance that gets you High in E`s in it`s purest form. Often in bluey green crystals
This Mum N Dad is Mega.

You got your Mum N Dad comin out?
by MC Timmy G June 22, 2006
To have sex or intercourse with a girl
I`m gonna rifle her drawers.

I rifled her last night. She was good.
by MC Timmy G June 22, 2006