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3 definitions by MBul

a more polite and enthusiastic form of saying the lord's name.
-"mike, you just got an A+ in thermodynamics class!"
by MBul August 10, 2006
6 1
a termed coined to shorten the phrase "shut the hell up" in ocean township. it is more enthusiastic when used in conjunction with a waving hand gesture.
-"Mike, wake up!"
-"Mom, shuttahellup"
by MBul August 10, 2006
4 1
a phrase used by mentally retarded people, after every sentence they say.
"i had a little vodka, so what?"

"so i wasted billions of dollars sleeping through the space mission, so what?"

"another unsuccessful, so what?"

"i made a protein shake at 6 in the morning, so what?"
by MBul August 10, 2006
35 91