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A plastic blonde doll; victim of decapitation; supermodel body; a symbol of bimboism
Barbie: Hi-eeee
Barbie: How are you today?
Barbie: Oh, you mean me? (giggles)
Audience: (rolls eyes)
by Maya December 13, 2003
Wanting someone or something really bad
I am so thirsty for him.
He's thirsty to go clubbing tonight.
by Maya June 20, 2003
it stands for the uk band bring me the horizon. they use the initials on their merch and people sometime refer to them as simply BMTH
"what's the bmth stand for on your shirt."
by maya September 23, 2007
A word used to say that you're having a very bad day.
Today was such a Monday, everything sucked!
by Maya January 23, 2005
A word to say that everything in your life is going great and you're totally happy.
My life is wonderful!!
by Maya January 19, 2005
Your mothers pussy...in true Serbian. Not that Croat shit!
Idi u pichku materinu.
Go back into your mothers pussy.
by MAYA April 24, 2005
Very kind, very kewl a bit crazy and confused a lot of the time also likes to say moo
"ahhhh julz loved by all"
"crap the crazy one"
by Maya June 19, 2003
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