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A real diva roach is defined both by an obsession with superficiality and themselves (i.e. diva); and generally being a disgusting insect who just won't die (i.e. roach). The term is thus a profound insult reserved only for the most vile of rat cowards or reversals in evolution.

etymology: early 21st century, from diva + roach
Amir Valerie Blumenfeld: I've been acting like a real... a real diva roach for the past seven... eight years.

Jacob Penn Cooper Hurwitz: Don't you think at that point it's not acting like anything, you just are a diva roach? Like some sort of reverse evolution?
by MAV28 April 23, 2014
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Self obsessed (diva) awful person (roach). A loose synonym to a "Bitchly". First coined by Amir Blumenfeld.
Amir: I've been acting like a real, a real Diva Roach for the past 7,8 years."
Jake: Don't you think at that point it's not acting like anything you just are, a Diva Roach?
by L. A. Phant March 21, 2014

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