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1.The opposite of legitimate business. 2.A street hustle, or a shady and mostly illegal business venture.
3. Dealings that aren't exactly "street legal"
Bloomingdales=Business. Selling dresses and purses out of your trunk=Bidness
by Mr*Myxx* August 30, 2003
as in "None of yo damn bidness!"

OR "That's NUNYA damned bidness."
by Stonium February 20, 2003
Distortion of "business." Used to denote business that is illicit, awesome, or both.
1. Bob: Have you been doing any bidness?
John: No, man. I'm clean.

2. Bob: Did you blow up the secret Nazi stronghold?
John: Yes, I took care of bidness.
by MC Jiggy J March 19, 2006
1. An entity that provides a good or service.

2. One's own personal affairs.

3. A friend's mother.
1. Ma hos are my bidness.

2. Fools be up in ma bidness.

3. I handle my bidness quite well.
by Ryan November 17, 2003
The word used to substitute the "business" when not meant to be used in its literal context. Often used in the context of "None of your business" without trying to sound too white.
Proper use of the word "bidness":

Yeah, my pops owns a business, but it ain't nunyo damn BIDNESS, ho.
by Muzak March 11, 2008
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