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From "matrimony". The situation in which your friend is married to a complete tool, thus making them act like a twat.
"Hey, have you heard from Dave since he married that daft woman?"
"No, he's become a victim of twatrimony so can't speak to us anymore"
#matrimony #twat #marriage #friends #loser
by MADmansMetalHarmony November 29, 2011
The moment after posting something inflammatory or militant on Facebook that you immediately regret. No matter how quickly it is deleted, people have screenshots.
"Did you see her post about last night?"
"No, she must have deleted it in a fit of Faceremorse"
"Don't worry, here's a screenshot"
#facebook #rage #anger #remorse #embarrassed
by MADmansMetalHarmony July 11, 2015
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