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Term that defines a small hairy gay man
Come over and have gay sex with Daddy Bear and Cory the BEAR CUB
by M Mac December 07, 2007
To get double fucked in both holes due to the BP oil disaster
Fisherman Tom - Wow BP oil has killed all my fish....and thier boat just hit my dock! I just recieved a BP DP!!!
by M Mac July 14, 2010
When the penis decides to leave a little present in your undies.
After taking a piss I made sure to shake it off, but I still had a leaky deeter.
by M Mac April 17, 2010
When the water in your swimming pool is so damn hot it is no longer refreshing.

Falls Between Comfortable & Piss Warm
Mike - Hey , You guys wanna come over swimming?

Tom - Hell no, It would be more refreshing swimming in my mothers womb!

Ray - Yeah, Having a WOMB Temperature pool is not cool!
by M Mac July 08, 2010
A large hairball that clogs the drain in your tub. When removing it is best to wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) ei - Gloves and Nose Plug.
Colin : Why is the water in my tub not going down the drain.

Tom : Sorry, I took a shower at your house and must have caused a DRAIN WOOKIE!
by M Mac May 18, 2011
To place a picture of Justin Timberlake in a place that is unwanted.
Tom : I'll be right with you I just have to log on to my computer.....Ahh my background is a big gay pic of Justin Timberlake!!!!

John : Dude you just got Timberlakined!
by M Mac May 30, 2011

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