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When your buddy keeps saying he's got a girlfriend, but you never meet her. Imaginary girlfriend.
Vince: "Trevor, why haven't we met your girlfriend? You've been dating for over a year."
Trevor: "She's really busy."
Vince: "Oh, yeah, I forgot how busy Canadians can be."
Trevor: "What?"
Mike: "Vince is just saying you've got a Canadian girlfriend, that's all."
by M Digga August 16, 2006
The shelf life of a Milf; How long a Milf will remain a Milf, given unchanging environmental conditions.
1) Dude, you're mom's hot. I would have thought that by her age, she'd be a crone, but she's still got about a 3 year milf-life.

2)- Dag, that chick's kickin'.
- What are you talkion' about? She exceeded her milf-life 15 pounds ago.
by M Digga August 14, 2006
A girlfriend. When you're getting it on the regular, you don't need to hold your own. Now you can play videogames while bustin' a nut, because you've got both hands free.
Peter: "Dude, who was that hottie I saw you with at the club last night?"

Paul: "Oh, that's Bethany. She's my hands-free masturbation device."
by M Digga August 24, 2006
The type of sex one has with their imaginary girlfriend. A combination of "imaginary" and "vaginal".
Vince: "Dude, I got my girlfriend to do anal last night."
Brian: "I can't even get my girlfriend to do anything but vaginal, and like once a week. What about you, Trev?"
Trevor: "Last night- "
Mike: " -Dude, Trevor only gets imaginal from his canadian girlfriend! You've never met her."
by M Digga August 16, 2006
synonym to snap, but written in 18th century english.
used as an exclamation, either to call out that someone just got burned, or just to indicate general malaise.
"Your Mom goes to College."

"Aw, fnap!"
by M Digga August 14, 2006

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