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4 definitions by M@RT!N

Derived from the word "Teddy-bear" in Polish. Used to describe a cute and cuddly person.
She is such a Misiu, she is always ready to cuddle. Ania is such a cuddly Misiu.
by M@RT!N November 10, 2009
60 17
A mixture of both gibberish and rubbish. A completely nonsensical thought or statement.
"He is not making sense. Don't worry it's because he is just speaking jubrish."
by M@RT!N November 04, 2009
11 1
The number 3 in Swahili. Also the name of the best dog in the world.
Come here Fitatu, that's a good dog.
by M@RT!N October 29, 2009
1 0
The equivalent of BS just in a SFW format
Don't tell me reality TV is real, that is just broken science.
by M@RT!N October 08, 2011
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