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TRUG is an accronym for The Really Ugly Girl. No matter wher you work or goto school there is that one girl that is just absolutly hideous. It also seems that the TRUG has no idea what TRUG means so you can call it right to her face
ME: "Hey TRUG have a nice day"
TRUG: "Thank you, will you be my friend"
ME: "NO!"(runs).
by UnTRUG March 14, 2005
A tall, skinny doof who has no friends. He is often extremely poor and falls for fat ugly bitches with black hair.
Gio- Yo trug j scruff wants to hookup wit you. Go do it.
Trug- Nah nigga i got ma girl sl**n. Shes a fuckin hottie.
by jordan vogel December 23, 2007
tis a rectangular box full of plants of any sort.

it is the word rug with a "T"

to blow or pop anything that is long in a particular way
randomly they started to laugh as they relized walking down the hall that the word trug was rug with a t. (i guess ud
either have to be drunk or stoned or jus plain mental in the mind to understand)
by does it matter December 29, 2003
trug is "rug" with a "T"
as emma and lydia were walking down the hallway emma randomly started laughing and yelled out "TRUG IS RUG WITH A 'T'!!!" they both started laughing histerically confusing most everyone in the hall. (this could be caused by many things including: drugs, alcahol, or brain damage... no one is quite sure what it really is!)
by lydia December 29, 2003