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The act of filling a neighboring person's mail box with puddy very tightly. Then making a hole in the center and have sexual intercourse with said hole, and ejaculating inside.
I was so pissed at your grandmother the other day, that I just had to alepos in her mail box.
by Luther December 05, 2004
Something or someone that does something so incredibly inconcievable.
Sometimes Jerry Stivouski does something so incredibly inconcievable that I call him an uniray.
by Luther December 05, 2004
someone inclined to be lazy/lethargic
Most children below the age of 3 are pillow hitters, spending most of their time doing nothing.
by Luther December 05, 2004
A macabre request that involes a set of distrubing tasks.
I want you to drug me. Make go into a daze or a comotose like state, by the use of a date rape drug in my fruit punch, or dr. pepper. Whatever i may be drinking. Then i want you to carry me off to a gully. Take off all my clothing, and throw me in. Then fuck me. Fuck me hard and long and dirty and nasty and sweaty and salty and spicy and other adjectives. Then pick me up, put me in your car, and drive me to the woods. Tie me to a pine tree, or maybe a dogwood (naked still of course). Make me feel the coarse bark against my naked glistening body. Then shit on me. Following the "shiting," put on a glove and shove a pine cone up my ass. Then attempt to beat me with a branch covered in poison oak across my naked body. After you've accomplished all of this, tie a meat, a link sausage or a ham, to my gentials and leave me for the coyotes to devour.
by Luther December 05, 2004
The constant ability to rock hard.
Tenacious D is rocksteady all the way.
by Luther December 18, 2003
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