193 definitions by Luke

a well known stunter with a large penis and very good at being a pimp
will you look at the size of that technogeek
by luke December 31, 2004
Essentially, a cross between weiner and penis.
The typical Dashboard Confessional fan is a wenis.
by Luke February 26, 2004
Adjective describing something which was or is exciting, good, bad or really hurt.
Also can be used to describe magnitude.
You just got fully brudalized! (when someone accidentally drops some of their sandwich)
Oh brutal! (when someone pegs a ball at you really fast)
'Brutally tons' means 'a lot'
by Luke October 15, 2003
ashliegh o'neil
i'm such a slurry
by luke November 19, 2003
may i complement you on your norks
by luke March 22, 2003
the result of one cumming all over a woman's face and punching her in the nose
After two hours of receiving head, the cherry danish I gave her reminded me that I had not yet had lunch.
by luke May 08, 2005
to get pummelled up the bunghole by a random stranger
omgomg i got to 9th base last night with a welshman
by luke August 09, 2004

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