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25 definitions by Luis

Invector a website which contains humor , downloads and ringtones and more
A : Yo dude, Where can i get free ringtones?
B : Duh!! Invector.US
by Luis February 19, 2005
3 3
The most incredibly perfect butt that has or will ever excist.. its sheer sight brings tears to the eyes...
Sandy's butt is the epitome of buttfection
by Luis January 22, 2005
3 4
Money, usually refered to as a large ammount of cash.
What's up with my billullus.
by luis November 09, 2002
1 2
witch - an ugly person
"Tell your wife that she looks prtty, even if she looks like a truck"
by Luis November 06, 2004
47 51
Someone who is bisexual. The term comes from the New York's famous Park Avenue, which is the only avenue in Manhattan that goes in both directions (north and south)
"I'm not sure about Jim, but I think he is Park Avenue"
by Luis November 18, 2004
24 35
Someone who is heterosexual. Names comes from New York City's famous, and affluent avenue that runs north on the eastern side of Manhattan. Manhattan's east side is considered to be too stuffy, snooty, and not chic for gay men, and the fact that Madison Avenue runs "straight up" Manhattan has made this a very popular term.
"There is no way and how you can convince me that Bob is a Mcgreevey case. That boy is 100% Madison Avenue!"
by Luis November 18, 2004
9 21
best chinese restaraunt.
cant go wrong with the teriyaki in yoshinoya...
by luis February 06, 2004
12 53