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a fine ass dime piece, males only
Whaddup almund!! You fine and sexy...
by Lucky February 18, 2004
something you notice that is both bizzare and sketchy. When you cant quite decide which, why not use both?
That man wearing a tan trenchcoat, a straw hat, and christmas lights that are on and twinkling, walking out of that dark alley with a calico cat with two different colored eyes following him is bizzetchy!!!
by Lucky October 30, 2003
A name for your "UNIT", also a game, and a great band.
"That was one hell of a pud touch J.J. landed on Joe!"
"Pounding the old Pud!"
by LUCKY December 18, 2002
A common house cat
A pellet or BB gun is all you need when on a skippy safari
by lucky December 06, 2003
It derives from the language of "chaver" meaning stupid or silly.
"eeeeeee-a who u lookin at ya divy cunt, ill nock ye teeth out"
by Lucky July 18, 2004
bastages, fargin guys, all explain the higgins family
ratsy, you bastages
by lucky December 10, 2003
What your friends will say you were doing after you were caught with a girl that you didn't want them to find out about. (Caught riding a moped)
Lucky I figured I didn't know anybody way out here, I can take this 15 year-old girl here, do what I want to her and keep it a secret.

Windowlicker-1 "hey isn't that Lucky with that girl who looks like she's 12"

Windowlicker-2 "nah Bro, she looks 10 maybe 10 1/2, tops!!"

Windowlicker-1 "Man, that poor bastard is really SLUMMIN, I can't wait to make fun of him at work tomorrow"!!

Lucky "Fuck, they caught me slummin"

Windowlicker-2 "Hey Lucky, nice moped"
by Lucky January 18, 2004

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