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Ole Miss is located in the rolling hills of North Mississippi about 80 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The typical Ole Miss student is a good looking Southern girl/guy who enjoys tailgating in the Grove during football season, fraternity/sorority life, and all things preppy. Ole Miss students usually have a deep hatred for LSU and sometimes Mississippi State as well.
Tailgating at Ole Miss is definately the best anywhere!
by lucky March 13, 2005
Jesus Christ is the son of God according to the Christian faith.
Jesus is my homeboy. Amen.
by lucky April 02, 2005
biggest scam since the pyramid scheme

responsible for the biggest sales in history for generators, bottled water,
and useless computer books and software(which probably wouldn't have worked anyway)
Y2K was like the pyramid scheme in that millions of people spent a shitload of money for nothing, and a few people got very rich from it.
by lucky June 03, 2004
1) kick-ass album by Rush

2) the next palendromic year
1) 2112 kicks ass!

2) 2112 will be a kick ass year, hopefully better then 2002 was
by lucky June 03, 2004
excellently defined above, but with one vital part omitted---a super-liberal hippie village in the mix (Takoma Park).
MoCo is extremely diverse and awesome.
by lucky April 12, 2005
high or stoned

-from "hop", a nickname for heroin and/or opium, but can refer to the effects of any drug.
everyone got all hopped up at the concert and the after party.
by lucky September 10, 2004
doing the nasty
"MCA's in the back cause he's skeezin' with a whore..."

- Beastie Boys ( No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn)
by lucky January 22, 2004
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