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The face made while banging the chick from logistics.
I taking this chick from logistics. If things go well tonight she will be seeing my o-face. o-o-o-o-o-o-o.
by Luc March 23, 2004
Term used to describe when individuals in technology make information or processes vague or ambiguos for the sake of trying to appear knowledgeable.
Paul never explains how he got the answer because he thinks he will retain job security through intellectual property cloaking. Cool people explain how they figured things out.
by Luc August 13, 2003
In IT when management cannot get anything done because they are unable to decide between the current version of software, and the promised "next version".
Mike wasted 3 days on a version excursion, while the rest of us played Online Bingo
by Luc May 12, 2004
The process of talking smack back and forth. E.g.- between colleagues.

Usually referenced when someone is willing to talk smack, but unable to take it...
Dustin does not adhere to the principle of bi-directional smack. He talks smack, but cannot take it. Therefor he is a hypocritical clown.
by Luc February 16, 2005
abbreviated supernova. commonly referes to a former Pirate website that according to the movie industry would of been the downfall of western civilisation if it was not closed.

Also a TeamSpeak Server, Host, And an unfourtunate overworked underpaid software repackager...
"are you a suprnova fan"
by Luc March 01, 2005
From working with impatient people; One who thinks they know the answer to everything, without first investigating.
Boo could not get the application to work, because he's a conclusion-hopper, and he did not read the instructions
by Luc August 12, 2004
a fat greek mans willy
stop bein a clonter gemma!
by luc December 22, 2004

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