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btw. China imports most of their rice from America

anywhoo riced doesn't necessarily mean a blunderous vehicle with stickers added on for horsepower. that terminology is a contemptuous popular culture term which assumes the only criteria for an excellent vehicle is speed. 'Ricers' fully realize that a v-tec emblem will not add 10 bhp to a civic. Rather riced vehicles are often an expression of individuality and artistic ability. Excellent ricemobiles display excellent aestetic qualities in design and creativity; and such vehicles should also be judged for their artistic talent. To despise a vehicle simply because it's 'riced up' and presumably not the fastest thing on the road demonstrates a rather ignorant perspective, as unless the ricer specifically says so, speed alone may not be his top priority.
lil bow wow's riced up hulkmobile was hilarious! :D I love it!
by Lotuseater July 21, 2006
A rapper who likes to whine alot
If I wanted to hear a black person whine I'll turn on Cops or Judge Judy.

TI looks and sounds like he never broke puberty.
by Lotuseater July 27, 2006
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