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Originally an (shortened) insult to newcomers in forums or internet games e.g. counter strike, the word has been stolen and is currently being used as an insult with a different meaning. It is used in certain places to describe someone who is slightly - ahem - slow and ditsy. Basically it is used to insult a pesron who makes a stupid comment or somebody who makes many stupid comments.
"the tibula bone exists!" "no it doesn't you noob"
by Lotty February 23, 2005
1. a person who is unnecessarily mean.

2. a person who is mean to most people the majority of the time.
Mr Hemmingway the meanie master:- "your exam results were disapointing but expected"
by Lotty March 15, 2005
A skanky whore who is involved in many molestations of poor, defenseless mexicans.
Alex Pearl is a britarchhoe, she gives head for cupcakes
by lotty March 03, 2003
NOT someone who goes to town almost every day. Whoever thinks this must be a noob or a thick fat fish. They have the personality of a chav basically.
"u lookin at me, i'll bang u out m8."
"fuck off u townie"
by Lotty April 24, 2005

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