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A lousy bloatware audio/video codec and software package created by Apple.
Hrm, I need another plugin?
Gah! Fuck QuickTime!
by Lord_D October 17, 2004
1) Computer Systems Engineer
2) Someone who likes punishment but not as much as an EE.
"You remember Fields and Waves?"
"No, I am CSE."
by Lord_D October 18, 2004
The area of effect around certain individuals that causes nearby victoms to experience an instantansous decrease in I.Q.
Unusually powerfull stupid fields have been found to make nearby rocks less intelligent than average rocks, resulting in so called dumb rocks.
Eugene has with him a potent stupid field. All those unfortunate enough to be trapped within it experience lapses in all mental functions.

"Hi... uhhhhhhh..... What was I doing?"
by Lord_D October 21, 2004
Rocks that are abnormally lacking in smarts.
"I didn't think it was possible, but that rock is dumber than most."
by Lord_D October 21, 2004
1) Electrical Engineer
2) Someone who likes punishment more than a CSE.
"I got a 38 on the last Fields and Waves exam."
"What was the averge?"
by Lord_D October 19, 2004
If you touch something and it becomes broken and/or dies, you have the Touch.
Eugene has "the touch".

Bob isn't allowed to have animals or plants, he has the touch.
by Lord_D October 24, 2004
Short for "Stoneburner" which is an atomic tool/weapon used in the Dune universe as written by Frank Herbert. Used to drill huge holes in things very quickly and tend to blind people.
Paul got blinded by a stoneburner. I think it hurt.
by Lord_D October 17, 2004

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