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Possible bumlimic - definite anorexic, a cunt as wide as Texas, racist biggoted bag of fucking bones that should be disposed of in the most entertaining of ways, E.G, a shotgun blast to the face. Whoever remotely likes/idolises this worthless lump of trash should probably line up behind her. A shite actress and singer to boot, the only highlight of her acting career was to see her being impaled by a pole in House of Wax, what a cocking pity it wasn't real. Scientific fact that dog shit posesses a higher IQ.
Paris Hilton: Quite simply the scum of the earth. I hope the fucking silly whore gets her ass killed in jail.
#paris #hilton #whore #scum #nobhead
by Lora Logic June 11, 2007
See Bell-end, term used to describe the end of yer nob. Can be used also as an insult.
"Arg you jabbed me in the eye with your Jab-end, you Jab-end."
#jab #end #nob #cock #helmet
by Lora Logic June 11, 2007
To shit ones pants in the most funniest of ways.
Nicola: Ah no I just clankered my nicks.
#clankered #nicola #nicks #shat #poo
by Lora Logic June 12, 2007
Greasy fucking shit, dubbed "KFC". Commonly mistaken for actual food. The perfect place to catch some salmonella. Tastes like dusty musty shite with some sort of fucking spice, how someone can claim there are 11 is beyond me. Mostly niggers are thought to dine here, but infact pakis have ventured outside the world of cocking curry and into the world of scoffing ex-battery chickens.
At the local KFC:
Coon # 1. "gimme dat chinking yo muvva fuka i cut you for it"
Coon # 2 "yah right nigga dis iz mah chicking"
#kfc #nigger #paki #salmonella #chicken
by Lora Logic June 12, 2007
A female who is clinically retarded in every sense of the word. Has to wear a helmet anywhere she goes.
Look at that girl drooling ... a complete Sally Slap Cabbage.
#sally #slap #cabbage #retard #girlspaz
by Lora Logic October 07, 2008
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