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A term used by idiots thinking that it is the singulal form of kudos when kudos is accualy the singular form of 'kudos' the plural form of kudos is pronounced 'coo-doze' and the singular form is pronounced 'coo-dose' both are spelled the same.
On Dictionary.com kudo is defined as a real word. under the defanition of kudos they explain that kudo is incorrect. you may be thinking 'But if lots of people use it it's a word' well lots of people arereally fuckin' stupid, too, should we just accept their standards?

Thanks to George Carlin
Idiot: "I got a kudo from about my cool shirt today"
Non-Idiot: "I'm going to kill you very very slowly using a fork and a broken pice of glass"
by LoosCannon April 16, 2004
1. sexy awesomeness
2. extra awesome
A: "I sure wish there was something sexyly awesome and/or extra awesome"
B: "Look, I found somthing meeting those parameters!"
A: "It seems to be awexom"
B: "Indeed"
by Looscannon September 04, 2004
Said randomly when a conversation lulls or to cause a Jooby yelling contest.

Prounounced expantion:
if "mmm" is included at the beginning, it starts at a high pitch then becomes low.
at "Joo" the pitch is very low.
at "by" The pitch becomes very high.
Jooby yelling contest:
A:"MMMJOO- *harms vocal chords*
B wins
by Looscannon September 01, 2004
said when mildly annoyed and/or bored.

originator: Jenelle Bringer
"nothing is happening and your sock has a stain on it"
by Looscannon September 01, 2004
shows slight dissapointment and annoyance. mostly used online and not accualy said.
"sorry, i lost your pen that i was going to return."
by Looscannon April 12, 2004
way too awexome, but in the best way
"look at me my son, for I am God"
"yes, my son"
by looscannon November 06, 2004
My online name. I don't have an E in Loose because that name is taken by someone else in everything.
"say, who is that fantastic chap who defines words and does many other fantastic online related things?"
"why it's LoosCannon old chum"
by LoosCannon April 16, 2004
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