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-means username on a chat room and it can use for short term
Person 1:Hey,you like my u.n?
by Lolskie October 21, 2009
-noob in Youtube that spams,posting crap comments,being a sarcastic on YouTube when posting comments,no background pictures,no pics,no videos,sometimes their "Last sign-in" is about a months or years
-Person 1:This video sucks,my video is better than this
-Person 2:Omfg,Are you a n00btuber? you dont have a single piece of second of a video..
-(Didnts reply after months)
-Person 2:Wow..i remember a n00btuber on Youtube...hes such an adorable n00b
by Lolskie October 19, 2009
Cane define as random talk,bullcrap talk or a corny talk of any persons in any chatting rooms.
Person 1: Man, i love YTP..they're so funny,hey did you know that..
Person 2:Ugh,you fucking talking about blahs again..
by Lolskie September 27, 2009
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