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8 definitions by Locker

1. (n) Vietnamese term for a porcupine.

Popularized in the Vietnam episode of Anthony Bordain's 'No Reservations' when he nervously watches the preparation of an unfamilar woodland animal and later finds a quill in his soup, thus revealing the true nature of the animal.
Squeezel soup? WTF is a squeezel?
by Locker May 23, 2007
1. The scale that describes the level to which a person is more or less dorky.
Mike: I am the greatest janitorial engineer of all time and all of the women at the homeless shelter love me!
George: Uh oh... the dork factor is rising...

Amy: Sandra is extremely cool.
Lisa: Yea she has an extremely low dork factor.
by Locker May 23, 2007
Expression used to describe the process of consuming several bong hits.
Sally: Hey Jimmie did you bring the bong?
Jimmie: Yea baby lets go snap some loads before we hit the party!
by Locker June 05, 2007
A condition described by the fear of wearing and/or seeing sandals on the feet, with our without socks.
Dean: Hey Hank, check out Dad in his new Aldo's with black socks!
Hank: I can't even look at that Deaner, I've got sandalphobia.
by Locker May 24, 2007
1. A state or condition described as extremely fucked up.

2. A combination of the words mangled and annihilated with a twist.
Man 1: Did you see Jimmy try to make that jump over those twenty seven cars?
Man 2: Yea man, the crash was amazing but his bike is totally manangilated.
by Locker May 27, 2007
1. (n) A foxy Mexican girl.
Jen: Hey Big D what's new?
D: Have a new crush on this Mexifox named Erica at work.

by Locker August 06, 2007
1. To be a player.
2. To be cool.
3. To have the latest gadgets.

Sourced from the T-Mobile commercials featuring the Jimmy character in his red, monogrammed bathrobe.
Jackie: That white boy Daniel is a cool as the other side of my pillow.
Erika: For Realz! He's just like Jimmy.
by Locker August 16, 2007