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Spanish for fuckin, to 'enhance' adjective, not sex
Parate, pinche idiota!
(shut up, fuckin idiot!)
by LoLo November 23, 2004
An australian term for a french kiss.
'Last night, I pashed a gorgeous guy at a party.'
by lolo February 18, 2003
The amount of hair left 'hanging' off the scalp after a cornrow.
That guy doesn't have NO hang time!
by LoLo December 13, 2004
A hot-ass actor who has a hot ass. Ironic, but very true.
"Shut up, stupid!"
by LoLo March 26, 2004
what you say to your ho when she is giving you some bullshit about how she doesnt have your money.
What I say to Brantito when he is in a shroomality.
Trick please, you have been sitting on your ass all day. Go down to the corner and get my Hypno!
by lolo February 23, 2005
noun, the temporary reality someone experiences when taking shrooms.
I locked myself in a freezer because was in a shroomality where the freezer was the only safe place.
by lolo February 23, 2005
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