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3 definitions by Lizzard

When you smack some one in the face with your penis. also known as mushroom stamp.
I bijowad her last night.
by Lizzard January 25, 2005
When you smack people in the face withy our penis. Also known as mushroom stamp.
Casey Lasick (A.K.A. Ham, hammy) likes to be bijowad by five men at once
by Lizzard January 25, 2005
A scoutleteer, or scoutlet, is a person who is good at finding power outlets in public places to charge their laptop or phone, i.e. scoutleteering.
She's a badass scoutleteer, she can always find the power outlets in the airport and plugs in like 5 devices at once.
by lizzard June 04, 2013