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3 definitions by LizLibertine

Total social media overkill. When you write a tweet on Twitter, and use so many hashtags, it reads in the halting, choppy way William Shatner speaks. Example: " #Free #today #books you will #love #amwriting #paranormal #romance but with a #happyending."
I hate reading that dude's tweets. He uses too many hashtags. If I get another Shatner tweet like that, I'll unfollow him.
by LizLibertine March 27, 2012
Your collective blog archives.
Check out his archives on his website; he's written some major blogination.
by LizLibertine March 23, 2012
To write a blog post. Specifically, one in which you pontificate on a particular issue.
Get off your soap box about welfare reform and go bloginate about it.
by LizLibertine March 23, 2012