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Reproduction. Combining your DNA with another person's to create offspring.
You need a good partner when you're doing the DNA tango, otherwise you could end up with stupid and ugly kids.

Oh, she's pregnant? Looks like her and Bob did the DNA tango.
by Livsteroo January 22, 2011
Another way to say OH MY GOD or shit. An exclamation. Can be used in a good or bad situation.
Holy shitcasserole! I forgot to study for the test...now I'm gonna fail.

Mega shitcasserole, that guy is hot!
by Livsteroo January 22, 2011
A small dog, one of the toy breeds, that is so small it's not a "real" dog.
Janie got a chihuahua. Cute little non-dog!

I've got a Great Dane, I look down on all those people with non-dogs.
by Livsteroo January 22, 2011
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