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An attractive female that likes numerous guys and makes them fall for her then says she doesnt know what she wants but still goes back and forth with them tells them she cares but ultimately resulting in a game of shadyness but also very good at manipulating and has a mind set or destroying friendships among friends over her.
tom:dude i think im starting to like her
jeff:who her!
tom:yup.. why ?
jeff:no bro shes a straight charzo..bad news believe me man
by LiveLikeABOSS July 06, 2011
someone who thinks there cool and can get what ever they want because they got some cool toys and that they try to pull the asshole/alpha roll with guys and girls but in reality there inconfident with them selves, have many flaws and cant defend himself what so ever if called out upon.
group of people

eric:dude does your car even run
Sunny: yeah dude gets me from point a to b
eric:shit well my critch rocket shits on that all day and i pick up babes
Sunny:bro your such a facarzo get outa here!
by LiveLikeABOSS July 06, 2011
Someone that is constantly hating, bashing and shitting on your ideas or people. Doesnt matter where your at either theres always that one person. In translation to a pigeon because they shit on everything and anywhere that is nice,hot,ugly, exc.
eric: this party sucks i hate these people, they dont even have good alcohol, and this place smells....
josh: bro your being a pigeon if you dont wanna be here leave...
by LiveLikeABoss October 16, 2011
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