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Has nothing to do with bomb or ass, but has everything to do with being cool or fun.
Mmmmmm, Burger King has some bomb ass onion rings!
by Lithium October 07, 2003
Literal translation: kiss cucumber
Jag älskar Henke, för han är min pussgurka!
by Lithium June 23, 2004
Hungermunger is an ancient tribal call used by Zulu worriers. It was used during battle by those that had been injured to tell fellow worriers their whereabouts.
"Hey!! Bob!!! HUNGERMUNGER!!!"
by Lithium May 13, 2004
Keymakers are hackers who decrypt, encrypt, create shells, programs,etc. Usually it is a small croud of proffesionals who neither like script kiddies nor new hackers who wish to spounge off of them. Recently manifested to the team keymakers - www.keymaker.tk which is the new keymakers.
Keymakers own the hackers world from top to bottom, Ben is a script kiddie who was booted from keymakers
by Lithium April 15, 2005
Weak-ass pussy.
Stinogatron can't hold his own on the glorious battlefields of halo.
by Lithium November 25, 2003
One gay ass motha shut yo mouth.
" Damn yo that fag is as sexy as a SaKeR!!"
by lithium May 12, 2003
Same as l33t or l347 short for elite, used by little internet nerds
im teh l34t i r0x0rs u!
by Lithium February 17, 2005

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