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A word used to describe a weed plant. scientists?
Here we see a cannabis plant.. but please, don't grow one of your own for.. personal pleasures...
by Lissa May 31, 2004
A person of melness, or a superior Mel. A name for the raddest friend. A great person.
Hey, melster, can you give me a hand?
by Lissa October 17, 2004
spanish whiteee tryna b a niccaaa
yo look at tha swigga ova der
by lissa November 23, 2003
1) Rather violent group of people that fit a certain attitude, wear a certain type of jacket, yada yada.. just like any other label.

2) Working class 'racists' sorry folks, of all the skinheads I know, none are racist.

3) Hardcore scenesters that revolve around the working class and thrasher punk or oi.. ;x
1) That skinhead just broke that dudes jaw.. and that was through the padding of his fucking huge jacket!

2) There goes that skinhead again.. talking about opression and hating on Jews.

3) That skinhead is in three different unions, don't know how he keeps it up, but I do know that he really likes OI.
by Lissa May 31, 2004
Really really really HOT!
Harry Potter is so HOT!
by Lissa June 29, 2004

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