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5 definitions by Lisette

the male reproductive organs; penis

Syn: dick, prick, cock, schlong, hose, bird, hairy canary, leg of the duck, pecker, flounder, haddock, trouser trout, eel, scord, snake, python, lizard, dragon, lily, cucumber, etc.
Thelma: So I heard you hooked up with Jon the other night! *wink wink*

Louise: Yeah, but his wand is so huge, I've been sore for days!
by Lisette April 05, 2005
84 60
a female's bosoms!!! ... breasts

Syn: jugs, tits, knockers, chi-chis, honkers, melons, bazongas, tetas, etc.
Beavis: Damn!!! Check out her rack!

Butthead: I've never seen such gigantic cauldrons!
by Lisette April 05, 2005
1 2
the buttocks!!!...yeah.

Syn: ass, butt, tush, hiney, deriair, behind, rear, etc, etc
Roleplay Father: I hope you learned your lesson, little girl...

Roleplay Daughter: Yes, Daddy, I did but...my spellbook hurts like a mutha!
by Lisette April 05, 2005
2 4
The profile on the computer that has access to all the system settings.
click start then control panel for XP users.
by Lisette October 23, 2004
10 13
the female reproductive organs; vagina

Syn: pussy, cunt, axewound, cabbage patch, pink taco, beaver, living snake, oyster, snapper, cooch, etc, etc, etc.
Betty: How's it going, Veronica?

Veronica: Not so well, Betty, the wizard's bleeding today...
by Lisette April 05, 2005
20 145