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EW is a term that is used mostly by popular rich girls in the Clique books by Lisi Harrison. Ew is an acronym that refers to eternal wannabe. One book of the popular series (Revenge of the Wannabes) features one of the main characters, Massie Block frequently using this to describe her ex-best friend Alicia and Alicia's newly invented crew. Alicia's new crew is a total rip-off of the girls in the original Pretty Committee. NOTE: EW IS A FICTIONAL WORD MADE UP BY FAMOUS AUTHOR LISI HARRISON. THIS IS A HORRIBLE WORD AND DON'T BLAME IT ON ME IF YOU GET IN TROUBLE FOR BEING MEAN. PLEASE DON'T USE THIS WORD. I JUST PUT THIS HERE FOR REFRENCE!!!!!
Lauren: Joanie's new hair-cut is a copy of Olivia's.
Sarah: I know. Who is she kidding? She will never be one of us.
Olivia: How dare she! Joanie is gonna be thee loser of school if I can help it.
Lauren: Calm down. She already is. Everybody knows that she is the biggest EW to walk the planet.
by Lil Blondie October 07, 2007

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