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Used instead of bullshit

That game was Bullhonkey!!!
by Lightnin August 04, 2007
A term that can be used when somebody is out. For Example during a card game, baseball, passed the fuck out...
Man that guy is so wasted, in a few minutes he will be out like Sauerkraut!!!
by Lightnin August 04, 2007
Cruel and tragic Shananigans as made famouse by Super Troopers. Just Go Here www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ef1q2nM_-M
Thorny: His Shananigans are evil and tragic.

Foster: Which makes them not Shananigans at all really.

Mac: Evil Shananigans
by Lightnin August 04, 2007
An alternate word for taking a social drink at a party or during a drinking game.
Let's Socialinsky it up!!!
by Lightnin August 04, 2007
To be screwed beyond royal proportions.
That Asshole spawn killed me. I got Uncle Scrooged!!!
by Lightnin August 04, 2007

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