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slang for cocaine, an awesome movie about dealing cocaine
George: So, what'd I tell ya, Derek?
Derek: It's great, but what am I supposed to do with it?
George: Sell it.
Derek: Jesus Christ, George, I don't see you for two years and you show up on my doorstep with 110 pounds of blow.
George: Just fucking sell it, Derek.
Derek: Okay, but it's going to take me a year.
(scene shift to interior Derek's bar surrounded by stacks of cash)
Derek: 36 hours, 36 hours, I can't believe we got rid of it in 36 hours.

by Libby March 06, 2004
1. A portmanteau word, comprised approximately of giggle and snuggle, used to describe the act of giving love (us. platonic)when entering a chat room. Similar action to glomp.

2. A website devoted to novel-length Harry Potter fanfiction. (www.schnoogle.com)
SEVLUVR schnoogled me when I told her how much I liked her latest chapter on Schnoogle.
by Libby November 06, 2003
1.)an ugly chick who makes hereself feel better by wearing excessive amounts of eyeliner thus looking like the markings of a racoon

2.)what Johny Depp or Brittney Spear's eyes look like.
Did you see that skank with the racoon eyes?
by Libby June 22, 2004
The best band in the world that totally kicks ass...hard rockish great songs- download broken and the way i feel PAUL MCCOY IS SOOOOOOO HOTT Shit i want him
I am a 12 stoner...or she just saw the best band in the world 12 stones
by Libby June 20, 2003
Small, disgruntled man who lives under a bridge in Marion
Oh fuck, its Keune. Fuckity fuck fuck
by Libby January 05, 2005
the all-purpose word. can be used to mean: stuff, junk, mess, dumpster, aluminun can, and bicycle
Man i gotta clean my room. I have too much cruft everywhere!
by Libby February 23, 2004
one of the best bands ever!
bobby is a cool drummer haha
by Libby January 09, 2004

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