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A dutch pastry that is round with syrup in between 2 flat waffles. It is also known as a siroopwafel.
Don't forget to try a stroopwafel, especially from a Saturday market while in Holland.
by huffnuts August 07, 2007
A sex act involving a man, two women, and a corduroy bed covering. The women lay down on the corduroy in the missionary position while the man alternates between them. After a few minutes the women rotate 90 degrees so that the impressions from the corduroy on their backs makes a waffle pattern. The man ejaculates on the stomach of one of the women and then the other woman lays down on top of the first woman face to face to simulate the Dutch pastry made from waffle cookies sandwiched around a caramel filling.
I got a little drunk with those girls....they noticed my corduroy bed sheets and the next thing you know we were making a Stroopwafel.
by ThreedeeM September 14, 2010

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