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A group of pot-smokers in the 70's in San Rafael High School, in the U.S.. They were most famous for inventing 420. This was origionally because they met on certain days at 4:20PM to smoke pot. It caught others' attention, and became a codeword for pot.
See 420 for more information about the Waldos.
by Lexeh April 20, 2006
(:*, :), =)happy
):*, :(, =( sad
=D joyous
D= horrified
=p playful
=3 cute, charmed
=/ unsure, neutral
=s unsure, thinking
=x sealed lips
=o, =0 surprise, astonishment
=*(, D*= a single tear
x_x awful, "oh crap"
>_< constipated
n_n, ^_^, ^^ nice, cheerful
u_u, v_v disappointed, downcast
o_o, 0_0 "woah", "omg"
>_>, <_< "wtf"
._. neutral, blank
T_T stream of tears
@_@ confused, mesmerised
-_- "sigh", annoyance
=_= "curses"
=^_^= happy kittie**
* usually used when avoiding the automatically triggered chatroom smilies
** The "whiskers" can be added to almost all horizontal (underscore-based) smilies
by Lexeh November 26, 2005
Don't Label Me. A phrase commonly used by posers when they play goth or prep
"omggmom!!11!! DLM TTYL"
by Lexeh November 24, 2005

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