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5 definitions by Levirocks

Noun; A contraption in which you blow smoke into that traps the harsh smell of the smoke. In which a pleasant smell will exit. Example; A toilet paper roll filled with fabric softner sheets.
Let's blow our smoke into the fufudor, so when my mom comes home she can't smell it.
by Levirocks November 28, 2007
A wireless way to pimp a ho.
My pager is blastin cuz i'm to busy brimpin.
by Levirocks November 28, 2007
Glandular lumps on the back of a woman. also known as back boobs. The only sole purpose of them is for something to suck on during doggy style sex.
I was flippin the nipples on her backmorry glands while pile driving her bum
by Levirocks November 28, 2007
NOUN- Urban-
Teeth. Grill. The boney white things that are in ones mouth used for chewing, biting, decorating etc.
After kissing that strawberry on the mouth, i had to quickly brush my teef.
by Levirocks November 28, 2007
A replacement word for a noun in which the name of is unknown or has been forgotten.
Look in my tool box for the hoohaw that can cut this wood.
by Levirocks November 28, 2007