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The great Starcraft Clan - FD; Fiery Death. Led By Ezekiel and Afmedafro and found on USWest Battle.net

It has a first commander called Jules who frequently makes quips such as ririri or whoa yeah or RUN LIKE A ZERGLING.
"What clan are you in?" says noob
"FD," says Jules
"WOW you are so gosu"
"Whoa Yeah!"
by LeSteR March 08, 2004
Dried out, rotten vagina, many like the ones of slutty people.
Eww man shes dried roast beef
by Lester October 29, 2003
A broad term to describe activities relating to multicolored bums, especially between, but not limited to, cousins.
Hey Cuz, after the family reunion let's have a rump romp!
by Lester November 18, 2003
upstate ny is the place north of the building 10 stories tall in Ny.
now i'm from upstate Ny and i admit it is boring but people got it all wrong. we are not toothless hicks, we do know how to have a good time (ex. cow tippin) so you can all go do one if u think upstate Ny sucks because u dont live here. at least it not canada or texas right?
by Lester March 20, 2004
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