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getting a large group of drunken Sods to tip a cow on its back in the middle of the night.
Hey am pissed lets go cow tippin
by Urban Dictionary February 10, 2005
A drunken, atempted to tip a cow from the standing position on to it' s side and/or back. Most often another exscuse to go out and get even more hammared.
Judd: Hey buud lets go cow tippin'
Stan: Alright, I'll swing by and grab some more beer from sal's.
Judd: Okay... (grabs 1/2 of 24 pack and tosses in bed of truck)
by Chsracowgirl182 February 15, 2010
When you're on vacation (or out of town), you fuck a chick and you tip toe out on her in the middle of the night or the next morning. Usually done to Fat or Socially unattractive chicks.
Not a lot of hot chicks in here tonight. Guess I'll be Cow Tippin' Tonight.
by Jermworm February 10, 2013
Seducing and sleeping with fat chicks.
Q:"I'm gonna get at this hottie over here, can you handle her fat friend?"
A:"Hell yeah, I'm goin' Cow Tippin' tonight, baby!"
by Maijala March 22, 2011
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