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ideally no way to win or succede
being without an out or escape
i wrecked my old man's t-bird, now i'm fucked!
i got john's old lady pregnant i'm fucked!
the kid's don't have school today i'm fucked!
oh no there's jenny i'm fucked!
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006
act of forcefully ejaculating usually happens after a long piece of ass
wayne tore that ass up for an hour then he had to blast a load in her mouth
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006
another name for the female sex organ, pussy aka slit,poohtang,vaginaoohhh that last one sounds nasty!
my friend jeff said that lisa's hatchet gash was so big he had to strap a 2x4 plank to his assto keep from falling in!
lisa huge ass hatchet gash smells like dead fish smothered in ass!
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006
unholy list of events that led to dimise of something
used when you have finally given up
also used to describe premature ejaculation
damn it to hell my old lady got drunk and fucked wayne !
hold on baby don't move i almost got it in awe damn it to hell!
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006
a man with a huge tool,penis,dick,unit,that can go so deep in a womans pussy that he makes her gag

the act of (see example)
Fat Dick laid the womb stretcher to that bitch last night i could here her scream way over here.

Mam that'll be $25 for that womb stretcher.
by LesCrapp May 10, 2006

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