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A person (male or females) who perfoms cunnilingus on a vagina filled with (relatively) fresh sperm.
Joe went down on Gina, right after Bill dumped his load in her.
Bill from then on, referred to Joe, as a Cocksucker by Proxy
by LennX December 21, 2011
A tampon. In antiquity a bung was the hole in a wooden barrel. Hence the allegorical modern conversion to a cunt plug.
Tammy said to Phyllis, "Doesn't Fred smell like a used bungswab?"
by LennX December 21, 2011
One that takes excessive delight in touching another's spinchter. Primary manifested in homosexual encounters.
Milt goosed Andy. Andy muttered under his breath "What a touchbung!"
by LennX December 21, 2011

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