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An expression of shock or exclamation.
...E-Gad! you're not female.
by Lenkiewicz January 21, 2005
Being stupidly in "love" with a total dick or bitch, and being to fucking blind to see them for what they really are.
"Oh my fucking god, he's/ she's so damn womblebeeded with him/ her."
by Lenkiewicz October 18, 2004
The name of my own comic that's in production....it sorta means shitted...
hello this comic is called dooked
by Lenkiewicz October 18, 2004
Basically it's just another insult, it's: MOFO + Cocker......see, simple.
Goddamn you, you MOFO Cocker
by Lenkiewicz October 17, 2004
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