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4 definitions by Lenkiewicz

An expression of shock or exclamation.
...E-Gad! you're not female.
by Lenkiewicz January 21, 2005
43 13
Being stupidly in "love" with a total dick or bitch, and being to fucking blind to see them for what they really are.
"Oh my fucking god, he's/ she's so damn womblebeeded with him/ her."
by Lenkiewicz October 18, 2004
0 1
The name of my own comic that's in production....it sorta means shitted...
hello this comic is called dooked
by Lenkiewicz October 18, 2004
2 15
Basically it's just another insult, it's: MOFO + Cocker......see, simple.
Goddamn you, you MOFO Cocker
by Lenkiewicz October 17, 2004
5 23